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How to make money on online platforms like onlyfans, creators interview

How to Make Money on OnlyFans: A Comprehensive Guide for Content Creators

In recent years, the subscription-based platform OnlyFans has experienced a meteoric rise, offering a new income source for many content creators, especially those involved in adult content. Discover how influencers and stars are cashing in with our guide to seven top strategies, ranging from subscription plans to direct messages.

The Rise of OnlyFans: A Lucrative Platform for Creators

With millions in annual earnings for some, OnlyFans has become an attractive way for influencers and adult content creators to generate income. By leveraging strategies like subscriptions, direct messaging, tips, pay-per-view content, and more, some have even developed their coaching businesses.

Making Millions on OnlyFans

Success stories abound, like OnlyFans creator Bryce Adams, who rakes in $6.4 million yearly by catering to different customer needs with her three profiles.

Top 7 Ways to Monetize on OnlyFans

1. Subscriptions:

Unlock exclusive content through monthly or annual subscriptions. Creators keep 80% of revenue, with pricing strategies sometimes being a challenge for beginners. For instance, Morgan Edwards, known as "Kitty K," charged $70 for three-month access, earning $1.2 million in two years.

2. Pay-per-view Content:

Offer extra content behind a paywall for an additional cost.

3. Direct Messaging:

Interact with fans through private messaging for a fee. Some, like Audrey Aura with 3,000 subscribers, have made direct messaging their largest income stream. Others maintain anonymity or hire ghostwriters to manage messages.

4. Tips:

Encourage fans to tip. Some creators, like Amber Sweetheart, make $2.6 million by building personal connections, offering tip menus, and more.

5. Promo 'Shoutouts':

Utilize marketing strategies like shoutouts across social media platforms. Some creators even employ virtual assistants to handle marketing.

6. Coaching:

Offer coaching and courses to other creators, as Aura did with her OnlyFans course.

7. Livestreaming:

Engage with fans through live streams, either for free or an additional fee.

Beyond the Top Earners

Here's a closer look at some other inspiring success stories on OnlyFans:

  • Morgan Edwards: Known as "Kitty K," she built a $2 million business in two years.
  • Bryce Adams: Earned almost $5 million with her 480,000 fans.
  • Nita Marie: Achieved $100,000 a month from three platforms.
  • Teddy Bear: A male OnlyFans creator on track to make $300,000 in 2022.
  • Amber Sweetheart: Emphasized personal connection to earn over $2 million in two years.
  • MelRose Michaels: Built her OnlyFans income to $30,000 per month through coaching.
  • Farrah (@nofacemom): Earned more than $1 million by charging for exclusive content.

A Day in the Life of an OnlyFans Creator

From messaging fans to photo shoots, creators like Justine Jakobs, a top 0.1% earner, share their daily schedules and strategies.

Challenges and Controversies

While profitable, OnlyFans also faces challenges, including community backlash, overwhelming amounts of messaging, and legal disputes.


OnlyFans is a multifaceted platform where creativity and marketing savvy can lead to substantial income. With the right approach and understanding of strategies like subscriptions, direct messaging, tips, and more, creators can thrive.

Explore more about pricing strategies, content creation, promotional techniques, and real-life success stories of OnlyFans creators. Whether you're an established creator or a beginner looking to break into this industry, this comprehensive guide offers valuable insights to maximize your earning potential on OnlyFans.