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A list of celebrity girls earning more on onlyfans

In the digital realm of OnlyFans, a constellation of stars shines with lucrative endeavors. Leading the pack is Iggy Azalea, whose OnlyFans journey has amassed a staggering $48 million, topping the list of celebrity earners. Following closely is Cardi B, whose unique content has netted her $45 million. In third place is Blac Chyna, with earnings of $35 million, offering exclusive content including "Foot-Freek Mondays."

The fourth spot is held by Bella Thorne, a former Disney luminary, who made a record-breaking $1 million within 24 hours of her OnlyFans debut. Amber Rose, known for her captivating Instagram posts, rounds out the top five with earnings of $26 million.

Tyga, who initially earned $20 million on OnlyFans, chose to venture out, creating his own platform, Myystar. Pia Mia occupies the seventh spot, engaging her fans with unseen pictures and videos, while Chris Brown, with a brief stint, earned $15 million before deleting his account.

Austin Mahone, embracing a more interactive approach, ranks ninth with $5 million, offering a VIP program for dedicated fans. DJ Khaled and Fat Joe complete the top ten, focusing on building a positive community and getting closer to their fans, with earnings near $4 million.

These celebrities' ventures into OnlyFans illustrate the platform's potential for diverse content creation and substantial earnings, underlining its appeal beyond its initial reputation