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6 OnlyFans alternative Boobify Fansly Justforfans LoyalFans and PocketStars Explained

With the news that OnlyFans is banning sexually-explicit content as of October, frustrated sex workers and consumers have started looking around for alternative platforms.

From Boobify to PocketStars, these are the up-and-coming adult content sites which offer an alternative to OnlyFans.


Boobify sums up their service in a few words out on their front page: "Our boobs, your text." There are only so many ways those two things can be combined, so your head doesn't have too many directions to spin in as you wonder what it is they're really selling. Words and breasts have always been a fine combination, as any poet or writer of literary erotica would be quick to tell you in the most flowery of terms. Honestly, it's a wonder nobody thought to build this website sooner. was only registered in 2018, and their current setup is even younger than that. I bet some of you would still argue that this is a timeless service; you could have sold this in the earliest days of the written word, and the horny spacemen of tomorrow are going to love it just as much.

I'm dancing around the topic a bit because I'm trying not to blow my load too fast, but the truth is, is a simple concept that doesn't take much brainpower to comprehend. This is how it works: you can pay babes with sexy bodies to write things on those sexy bodies. The site was inactive for a while, but they came back online with an automated service a few months ago. So it seemed like the perfect time for me to take a look and see what they had to offer.


Since OnlyFans announced its sexually-explicit content ban, Fansly claims it has been getting 4,000 applications per hour from content creators.

Fansly is an American-owned website operated by Select Media LLC, with its registered address in Baltimore, Maryland.

According to members of a Fansly sub-reddit, this site offers more features than OnlyFans such as the ability to search for a creator in the site and tiered charging for subscribers so that creators can target both low and high budget fans (OnlyFans has one flat rate for subscribers).

Another feature Fansly-converts like is the fact that fans can follow content creators for free before choosing to subscribe, which again reportedly gives the content creators more freedom to promote their channels and encourage more fans to subscribe.

Fansly takes a 20 per cent cut from the money creators make on the platform.


PocketStars is another adult content subscription site which was founded by British pornographic actress Elle Brooke.

The site offers an easy way for fans to find a content creator or filter content creators by gender, interests, ethnicity, tattoos and even penis size.

Content creators on PocketStars keep 80 per cent of their earnings.


Unlike OnlyFans, JustForFans is exclusively a porn site for sex workers and adult performers to sell content.

Launched in February 2018 by Dominic Ford, the man who launched Porn Guardian, an anti-piracy company which protects online sex workers' content.

"Unlike other sites that are 'mainstreaming' and further marginalizing sex workers, we are built exclusively for sex workers," Ford told Bustle. "Every decision we make is centered around how it will help models make more money."

JustForFans takes 30 per cent of creators' earnings, which creators can withdraw either weekly or monthly.


LoyalFans is an American adult content subscription site based in Tampa, Florida.

It was established in 2019 and co-founded by Romanian-born cam studio entrepreneur Eduard A. Braileanu.

Like PocketStars and JustForFans, the site offers an easy way to search for specific content creators or filter through the creators based on personal preferences.

LoyalFans takes 20 per cent of creators' earnings and pays out twice a month.